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Our manufacturing partner, Sage Creations, is located in Faridabad. The factory is run by a group of experts, each having an experience of 10-25 years.


As an integral part of business development, we are looking forward to developing samples in our facility. Be it protos or salesman samples. The process starts with a design tech pack based on which patterns are drawn with precision on our CAD and pattern printing/auto cutting machine. Each sample produced is upheld to the highest standard of care and quality checks. The sampling department is equipped with its independent cut to finish stations. 


Our semi-automated fabric store gives us a clear view of complete lot-wise details of bulk fabric and their location for easy issuance to the cutting department. Fabric lots are inspected, gsm is calculated and continuity cards are generated so that our customers have a clear view of the quantity, quality, and specs that were promised to them at the sampling stage.


Now the sample needs to be converted to a full-fledged order for the retail stores. The factory has 14 production lines which are equipped with the best in class single needle, overlock, and flatlock machines from Brother and Pegasus. With checkpoints marked in mid-line and end-line sections, we ensure the DHU (Defect hourly units) levels are curtailed and quality output is ensured. 


We take great pride in building the brand with our customers. The embroidery of a brand's logo is a seal of trust for the end-user and our factory ensures quality execution of branding t-shirts, polos, and tops to your need. We can also perform mid-sided patterns to all-over quilting patterns.

The washing department is fully equipped with industrial washing, hydro, perk, and drying machines. We also perform Cut Panel Laundry (CPL) wherever necessary.


Finally, the bulk orders are ready to be finished to the highest standard in the industry, ready to hit the retail stores in time for the season.

Spread across various modules, the finishing department takes care of quality checks, lose threads, measurements, final price ticketing and polybag packing.

The pressing area is equipped with suction-supported pressing tables to gives every piece a crisp ready-to-wear look. 


As a part of our service, we provide documentation and logistical support to our customers.
Once the garments are polybagged, the dispatch team makes the carton and packs the goods as per the pre-approved packing list. We have scan pack system implemented to ensure the correct packing list is being followed.

 For ease of handling and to avoid manual damage, the goods are delivered to the dock via conveyor belt. The cartons are counted and checked by the security before they leave for their desired destination. 

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